Purchased another APC UPS

I bought another APC UPC from Amazon. This UPS is for work and will be powering a file server and my PC.

The past few months since I’ve been here I’ve been noticing over the weekends that there have been power outages. This becomes a very big problem, especially if when dealing with clients’ data.

If you were wondering what UPS I got, here’s a direct link to the Amazon site in which you can purchase the same UPS. It comes with the ability to shut down the computer without anyone being there. So if you leave the computer on overnight and the power dips or goes out for an extended amount of time, the computer will know and start saving your documents and then shut the computer down safely. This again will save your computer in the long run. It’s a very good investment.

It is currently listed at around $230.00.  I can honestly tell you that is the best investment I’ve ever made.  I’ll take pics of the unit and show you guys what it looks like and how slim it is.  Again, it is a life saver.