Service Pack 2 “Access Denied” error message

So, I’ve finally found a fix for the ever elusive “Access Denied” error message that plagues many a people when they try to install SP2.

Originally the fix was to install the network version of SP2 in Safe Mode. However, today, I came across a unit that this would just not work. A bit of scourging online and I came across this website. I don’t plan on posting the fix on RF as it isn’t really my fix but rather this guy’s and I want to give credit where credit is due. Just a warning/note, in his post he does ask for a donation and also he asks that you pay for an already pre-made .cmd file.

You can easily open up Notepad and cut/paste the text that he has on his site, save as, change the format from .txt to all files and then type in reset.cmd as the file name you want to save it as.

Hope this helps!

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