Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007

I woke up and checked my normal set of sites. One thing that caught my attention was this article on The article pertains to Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez. He is proposing a new bill to increase the penalties of copyright infringement. Currently, IMHO, copyright infringement is viewed as a minor crime; however, the RIAA and the MPAA would LOVE to see the penalties for downloading a movie increase to 10 years minimum in a federal prison and or life or even possibly death – ALL OVER A DOWNLOAD? THE RIAA AND THE MPAA SUCK!

Anyway, the bill goes on to talk about many different topics and many different increases in punishment. The bill would include criminalizing the “attempt” to infringe copyright. From that context this is what I gathered, if you even go and visit a Torrent Site or a Newsgroup site, and your IP is logged, you’re in violation of this law and will be punished accordingly. Now if that isn’t 1984ish then either I’m dumb or you’re too blind to see this! This is insane! How much more of our freedom are we going to give up? I’m not talking about politics here I’m talking about legitimate freedom that we are in jeopardy of being taken away completely!

This bill goes on to include life in prison for anyone who uses pirated software that causes death or harm! The example cited is one of a hospital that uses a pirated piece of software that eventually leads to a death. What the freaking is going on in this guy’s head? Or anyone even remotely sane to even considers passing this bill!

Call your Congressmen and tell them that you do not want this bill passed! Tell them that this is infringing on your FREEDOM! Do it, do it now!

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