AVG Anti-Spyware 64-Bit edition of Windows is not supported

Crazy stuff. Anyhow, I get this box upon trying to run the AVG Anti-Spyware installer on a Windows XP Home box. This box is not running the 64-bit version of Windows either. I’ve Googled high and low and can’t find an answer to my problem. I tried getting in contact with their support via their website but it appears to me that they only support their paid versions. That is understandable. So, here’s hoping that in the case you get this error message and you KNOW you don’t have Windows XP Pro 64-bit version and you are trying to get Ewido or AVG Anti-Spyware to install, you can comment on whether or not you figured out a way to fix this. If I do, I will, of course, help you out and post the fix here.

In other news, I found out about AVG’s new Anti-Rootkit removal tool. I used it tonight on a family member’s PC. It had the Koos.exe or Trojan/rootkit installed and every time Windows would start I’d experience a Data Execution Prevention error. I finally tried this program and it found several masked files. It removed them and I rebooted and no more DEP error!

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