Broohaha over at

Yesterday was history in the making with and its user base. The user base got extremely upset when Digg decided to start deleting stories that contained the HDDVD decrypt key which can enable end-users to create backups of their HDDVD disks. In any case, Digg went crazy yesterday with users submitting nothing but stories or fake stories even that contained the actual HDDVD hex key.

The reason why this started is that the HDDVD hex key is not supposed to be known. And in posting it up on it is holding them liable for the content on their servers. The MPAA/HDDVD consortium went on a happy cease and desist spree which included one to owner Kevin Rose.

As a business, who wants to get a C&D and then continue to publish the content in hopes that you get sued and then get shut down for life and go bankrupt? Well, it seems that the users over at Digg want just that to happen.

I’m a user of Digg but I can’t say I joined in on the madness and chaos. I sat back with a bag of popcorn and watched pandoras box open up with a crap load of spam and crazy hilarious fun.