Google Reader

For those of you who visit tons of sites every day, you may want to give Google Reader a try. Google Reader is a web-based aggregator which reads RSS feeds.

I was introduced to a few different web-based aggregators and Google Reader was the best out of all of them. Google Reader’s interface is simple, it is easy to use as far as configuring it to your needs as well as adding and removing feeds.

I tried NetVibes which is another web-based news/RSS aggregator but it was too flashy for my tastes.

With Google Reader I have ALL of the sites I visit on a daily basis in one single location where I can be told if there has been any updates to the site with a simple click of a refresh button.

If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try, Google Reader will change the way you browse the web and I can almost guarantee will make you much more productive.