Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

This is really my first experience with trying to get it installed as well as configured. I downloaded and burnt the Ubuntu ISO image. I installed it on a spare computer I have at home. I was following this guide but was unsuccessful. Just a FYI you have to somewhat know what you’re doing if you plan on actually going through with that entire guide (I thought it was for new people k3k3k3).

I’m a complete newbie so I had no idea what to do in regards to editing the file with the right network configuration settings as well as actually saving the config file. Someone told me, “Why didn’t you use the GUI?” I guess I wanted to be hardcore and try it the way most geeks/nerds/Linux users do, through the command line.

I finally figured out that the commands I was to use had to do with “vi.” In order to type text into the config file I had to type “I.” Once I was done, I hit ESC. I then type : followed immediately by wq to exit and save the file.

I learned QUITE a lot tonight and plan on messing with it more. It is quite confusing but with a little research I should be able to get it going.

If you’re interested in downloading and playing with Ubuntu, check out Ubuntu’s website.