Microsoft OneCare – one year in

It’s been one year already, my how time goes by so fast. I am just about done with my one year subscription to Microsoft’s antivirus product: OneCare. What are my thoughts and feelings regarding its protection and security?

As an all-in-one bundle, it did its job and that was to protect me from viruses and allowing me to be selective with what was able to connect in and out. I did not use the tune-up features that were provided. More often than not I’d leave my computer on and come back the next morning with an indicator telling me that my computer tune-up was completed. I honestly could not tell the difference between that morning and the previous evening. There were a few times where it required me to restart my computer – maybe three to four times in a year. I also have it installed at my father’s house so I will definitely have to act soon as to whether or not I’ll renew it or just go with a free av/firewall combo.

In the end, I do not believe the $49.99 price tag is worth it even though you can install it onto three computers. I’d say if it was more reasonably priced at perhaps $29.95 I’d consider renewing it. I know you can find it on sale most weekends for sometimes as low as $9.99 but I haven’t seen it here locally. I’m seriously going to consider going with Active Virus Shield and Zone Alarm along with my router’s hardware firewall.