Wireless LAN Myths

I read a great article via Digg.com this morning in regards to wireless security and many myths that surround it.  Many people opt for MAC filter and or to not broadcast the SSID of the wireless network.  I honestly didn’t know this but with one program, called Kismet, both of those items can be found out relatively easy.  In closing, the article mentions to use WPA and WEP if it’s at all possible.  I honestly did not know this – I don’t specialize in security but I hope this helps you or anyone else out who may be contemplating integrating a wireless network in a corporate environment.

       Do not depend on MAC address filtering.

       Do not depend on NOT broadcasting the SSID of the network.

       DO depend on WPA first and foremost.

       If you’re unable to use WPA please at least use WEP.  WEP is the weaker of the two security measures but it’s definitely better than nothing.