Apology for the lack of updates

I apologize about the lacking updates.  I am actually in the process of moving from one shop to another.  We lost our contract and got outbid by another company.  Thus I am left with not much work and not many fixes that I could jot down and report to each and every one of you.

I’m moving to an entirely new location where I have a lot more space.  I think this is good and bad.  For one, I’ll be leaving behind a work location that was not even five minutes from home.  At this time I am actually at home on my lunch break writing this post out.  I will go back to work in a few minutes after I finish this post.  Like I said though it’s good and bad; I have a lot more room and space to fix computers and won’t be so overcrowded when I get there.  I’ll be able to often times if I have to leave my camera overnight to make sure I have it the next day to take pictures of all of the things I’m working on.  I know pictures help out tons when you’re trying to disassemble your notebook or even your desktop computer.

So in ending this, I just ask for your patience and I hope you continue to come back in the mean time.  Until then, aloha.