Microsoft has plans to improve OneCare’s virus finding abilities

I wrote about this earlier in which Microsoft’s antivirus program, OneCare hasn’t gotten rave reviews lately for catching many viruses and spyware.  The AV Comparatives site which is does comparisons on all the different major antivirus makers listed OneCare in last place.  This is definitely not good news for Microsoft; however, they plan to revamp the way OneCare looks for viruses and malware.  I can honestly say that I am glad to hear that.  Again, I run OneCare on two different computers, a home computer and a business computer.  I hope that their improvements will work upon the ones already made to a really decent light weight all-in-one program.

According to this article, Microsoft plans to come up with virus signatures that are able to detect entire families of malware – something other antivirus programs already do.