Where did the ALL USERS folder go in Windows Vista?

I was finally able to mess around with Vista.  A client requested I install some software for him.  Upon looking around the C: directory I noticed that there was no ALL USERS folder within the C:\Users directory.

In Windows 2000/XP there is a folder located at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.  Why would this be so important to anyone?  Well for myself, especially I have a program that creates a folder in the All Users\Desktop folder so that whenever a client creates a new user account the folder they need is always located on each users’ desktop.  Now it will have to be manually done.  It seems to be a rather tedious task to have to go and create a shortcut in each users’ profile as opposed to just having an ALL USERS folder which accommodates myself by having to only put the folder/shortcut in one location.

I haven’t gotten to play with Vista any more than that so perhaps the feature is there but I have not seen or have no idea how to utilize it properly.  I am going to research a little further but I’m fairly disappointed with their new user scheme.


Apparently there is a C:\Users\Public directory in which there is also a C:\Users\Public\Desktop in which that is the equivalent to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.  I’m satisfied.  I thought they removed that entirely.  I was about to go ape you know what.