Error on downloading ActiveScan

My dilemma is as follows, I have a computer that was infected with spyware.  I removed it all and now when I attempt to run a scan using Panda’s ActiveScan I am greeted with an error indicating the ActiveX file could not have been downloaded.  This is a generic error message as the actual ActiveX file is showing up in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files.

I’ve tried all the suggestions including clearing out all temp files, Temp Internet Files, changing the security default from medium-high to low, to enabling all ActiveX downloads even including unsigned ones (although I changed it back once I realized that it didn’t make a difference).  I tried re-registering several .dll files to no avail.

I’m at my wit’s end.  I don’t know what else to do.  I know there is a fix out there but no one seems to know.  I’ve searched Google using all the terms that the error message gives me yet I can’t seem to come across one single page that indicates what to do/how to fix the problem.  Most of the results are anti-spyware forums in which people help you to remove spyware that is on your computer.  The thread ends up ending without any indication of how to fix the Panda ActiveScan ActiveX problem.

I went to and ran their ActiveX checker and it all checks out.  I put into the Trusted Zone for the time being, no dice.  I’m able to run Microsoft Updates without any problems.  Norton Internet Security 2005 was on this computer but I removed it with SymNRT.

I even went so far as to remove all the registry entries that have to do with the Panda classID.  That did not work either.

The only thing left in my arsenal is to do a data backup and then reinstall Windows.  The thing is, I would love to avoid this as I know there is some fix out there that will fix this problem, I just haven’t stumbled upon it yet.  Damn it this is one of the most frustrating problems I’ve encountered in such a long time.  In the past when I encountered this I don’t believe I ever found a fix and I’ve always just opted for a clean install after backing up the client’s data.  No more though, I do not want to go that option, I want to fix the computer without having to resort to that.  I know it’s possible, I just know it.  I will be searching high and low this evening and tomorrow morning.  If I do fix it, of course I will have it up here for everyone else to use.  Until then, or wish me some luck because I will need all I can get.