DS Lite shortage part two

I am considering boycotting the DS Lite and Nintendo.  It seems like they do not care about their loyal customers.  If they were smart, they’d ramp up production to even more than however much they produce a month.  I honestly cannot comprehend why this is not happening.  The shortage is very bad.  DS Lites are no where to be found.  They sell out in a matter of minutes/hours if and when they’re available at B&M stores.

I posted about Amazon.com having the pink DS Lite in stock and that was in stock for a matter of hours.

I truly just cannot fathom why Nintendo, cannot keep up with demand.  I mean I’m just using simple logic here.  Since their handheld is selling like hot cakes, does it not make sense to produce more so that they can make more money?  I guess they’re blind to the fact that they’re handheld is the best seller at this point and time.

Since there is a firmware downgrader for the newest PSPs, I may just buy one of those.  Forget this Nintendo shortage crap.  It’s bullshit.