Microsoft Vista upgrade process has completely changed

If you or anyone you know received one of those upgrade coupons to Windows Vista, you should know something about the upgrade process.

With prior versions of Windows, if you had an “upgrade” version, you could do one of two things.  One is you can install it on top of your currently installed operating system, i.e. if you had Windows 2000 Professional installed, you could take your Windows XP Home upgrade disk and put it into the computer and run the upgrade through there.


You could put the disk in your optical drive, boot from it, and tell it you want to perform a clean install.  Prior to the start of said clean install Windows would ask you to insert a prior disk (such as Windows 2000 Professional) as proof that you are eligible for the upgrade.

No longer is this the case, in fact, you have to go with the former scenario.  You can no longer perform a clean install.  Well technically you can’t but you still need to have Windows XP installed prior to telling it to wipe your drive.

That means you have to first install XP, after you complete that install, you can then put your disk in, have it go through the normal setup stage and then tell it you wish to format your 30 minutes – 1 hour worth of work installing XP, and go on with the install.

If you purchase the full versions or OEM versions of Windows Vista then you should not have to worry about this.

I highly suggest investing in the Windows Vista Ultimate OEM version from