Spyware on your computer? You’re going to JAIL!

40 year old substitute teacher from Connecticut [Julie Amero] is facing 40 years in prison for having spyware pop ups appear while she had her computer on during one of her 7th grade classes that she teaches.

Now first and foremost, I remove this shit for a living, and you really can’t put the blame on someone for this type of thing happening.  It just so happens that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess.  However, she is going to jail!  That is bullshit!  How can you convict anyone based on the cold hard facts that her computer was infected with spyware?

What is spyware?  My definition of spyware is this: Anything on your system that maliciously attempts to harvest your data/surfing habits and or anything downloaded and installed without your consent.

Often times, if your computer is not updated with the most recent Windows Updates you are susceptible to having your computer compromised by zombie computers which continuously send out e-mails which contain spyware and viruses.  Also even if you view a certain website and you have an outdated application such as Java or Flash on your computer you can be compromised and spyware installed without you knowing.

In turn, spyware usually will serve you pop up ads depending on what type of information it has already collected about you.  Other times it will start producing pornographic pop ups.  I believe a lot of the pornographic pop ups are referrer ads which if you click on, someone makes a commission based on that click.

You see, something like this can happen to ANYONE.  It could happen to you, me, your mom or even your dad.  Who knows?  But the sad fact is that people are being prosecuted for this type of misfortune when they really shouldn’t be.

I also just read about someone going to jail for having child pornography on their computer.  Did you know that if your computer is compromised that someone with malicious intent could easily start to serve illegal pornographic photos and videos from your computer?  If you were to be investigated you would go down, why?  All because some idiot hacker or sick fuck wants to mask his wrongdoings; that is BULLSHIT!!!