Acer 5100 problems

I’m currently working on an Acer 5100 laptop. The main problem that it was having was that it would boot and the BIOS screen would be displayed and right after that everything would go blank/black. I hooked up an external monitor and sure enough I saw a display but it was frozen. I scanned the hard drive and found out it was bad. I then changed it out, re-installed Windows and attempted to install the chipset drivers. Upon doing so I was greeted with another blank/black screen. No matter what I did I could not get around it. I ended up re-installing Windows for a second time. I was able to get Windows installed along with the video driver. I have yet to experience the blank/black screen again. The only thing is now, I’m trying to download and install the rest of the device drivers but while doing so, I am getting errors about it being corrupted. I am downloading them directly off of the website. The client does not have his recovery discs. I decided I should setup Memtest before I head out and let it run overnight. Before I even left I saw it had four errors. I’m already weary that not only does the unit have a bad hard drive but also two sticks of bad memory. I’m going to go back in tomorrow and try again. If anyone has experienced this problem, any type of Acer, booting passed the BIOS screen and then showing a blank screen, let me know!