Ditched the Natural 4000 again

Ditched the Natural 4000 again one more time.  I ditched it for my lovely keyboard/mouse combo, the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro 2.0.  I am finally able to type at a decent speed and the keyboard is no longer holding me back.  I haven’t been updating a lot lately due mainly to my keyboard.  I just could not stand the speed at which I typed, not only that but also I made a lot of errors while typing and going back and having to correct them, especially when my posts are generally rather long made me fatigued.

Well, I’m back, kind of.  This keyboard feels like my very first, original keyboard.  It’s weird though I remember getting used to the way this keyboard felt and then it becoming rather hard to type.  It’s strange how the mind plays tricks on you.  Rather stupid to be honest…  Anyhow, I’m back and I hope to write more and update a little more than I have been.