Happy Holidays

I’m writing to say merry Christmas to everyone and have a happy New Year!  Sorry so late, I’ve been busy with family stuff, you know how that goes.  I would just like to say thanks to all the loyal readers out there who have found this site through whatever means.  Each and every day I wake up and read the stats, I am just happy that there are people who actually come and read what I have to say.  I’m glad that this site has helped some and has given hope or delight to others. 

I haven’t really thought of what is in store for next year, 2007 but I can assure you I will continue to write and update regularly.  I notice a drop off in posts and often times a drop off in traffic.  Obviously more news and updates will keep people coming back.  I will try my best to update and hope to see more people come by and get help.  I would definitely love to implement some type of contact form for those who may need advice and or help.  Anyhow, thank you for the loyal readership and again, merry Christmas and have a happy NEW YEAR!