Sony Z1VA disassembly

I had to change out a screen on this little laptop.  Like my prior procedures, removing everything was a breeze.  The hardest part was putting everything back together.  And although I thought I had learned and said I would take more photos, I did the exact same thing.  I told myself I had enough pics when I really didn’t and had the hardest time putting it back together again.

Just to warn you, the part where I messed up was trying to take the LCD casing apart.  On the bottom, there is a black plastic piece which slides to the right, I believe, and then you can pull it off.  In doing so, you’ll see two screws that you have to remove in order to fully split the LCD casing in half.  Otherwise, you’ll be pushing and pulling and eventually if you pull too hard you’ll break the fragile clips in there.

My honest suggestion is if you do this for a living or for a business, I’d recommend having the client not only buy the LCD but also the entire casing.  You will be hard pressed to NOT break any of the extremely fragile plastic pieces that hold the casing together.

My hats off to you if you’re able to do that but it’s a tough job.

Also another thing you want to watch for is the placement of the wireless card wires.  There are two antennas.  One on the left and one on the right.  Those two plastic things on each side, near the bottom of the screen cover the antennas for the wifi card.  You have to remember exactly how the wires were run otherwise you’re going to have a hard time closing up the casing.  Also, you’ll have a hard time trying to get them back into place and have them stay in place!

I have pictures but this blog of mine doesn’t like when I post large pictures and I’m too lazy right now to resize them and then post up the smaller versions that link to the bigger versions.  I will eventually get around to it.

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