Sony PCV-V100G disassembly instructions

Sony PCV-V100G

This is a brief run down on how I tore the computer apart to get to the LCD.

I took apart a lot of unnecessary things that I shouldn’t have that only added to the time and the complex process of trying to put it back together.

Also be forewarned that there is different screw sizes used in this unit.  There are a bunch of silver screws that look the same but are different in size.

First I removed the back panel which covers the power supply and the hard drive.  There are two clips in which you push down, I believe and pull back on the entire cover.  Once you remove that cover you’ll have access to the hard drive as well as the power supply.

Next, there are two side panels which cover the HDD and the PSU, on the left and right sides respectively.  You need to remove two screws that are holding each piece into place.  Once you remove those two screws you can easily remove the side panel, one by one.

Now you want to remove the actual motherboard/LCD portion from the bottom base.  In order to do that you need to remove six screws total, three on each side.  You will see the LCD attached to the base and you will see the exact three screws I am talking about.  Remove those three and with a little bit of muscle grease you should be able to detach the motherboard/LCD portion from the base.

Next you want to remove the entire black back plate that is covering the upper portion of the computer.  In order to do that you need to remove two screws.  There is one on each side, left and right.  If you look at the very left and right edges on the bottom you will see two deep holes.  You need a #2 Phillips screwdriver in order to remove each screw.  Once you remove both screws you can gently remove the back plate, it should come off with ease.

Now you should see a metal cage.  This is covering the motherboard and everything else underneath the hood.  You need to remove two screws.  In order to remove these two screws though, you may need to remove the PSU.  In order to remove the PSU there are two screws on the right hand side.  Remove those two and you should be able to slide the PSU to the left a little and it should come right out.  BEWARE: the cables connected coming out of the PSU are SHORT; that means you have to be gentle as you can damage components if you yank the cables out on accident.  This is also going to be a little bit harder to work with as you try to put everything back together again.

Once you remove the PSU or move it to the side, you’ll see two screws holding in the metal cage.  Remove those two screws. Once you’re done with that, you’ll need a small flat tip screwdriver to disengage the metal clips that hold the metal cage in place.  You’ll see them at the very top and then again at the very bottom.  Gently remove those little clips and take the metal cage off.

Now you should have access to the entire motherboard.  There are a few more steps to go.

You see what looks like an expansion card sticking up to the right of both fans?  That is what I believe to be the video card or some type of video expansion.  You need to remove four screws, one on each corner in order to remove that board.

Once done with that, you’re almost there.  You now need to remove FOUR BLACK colored screws from each of the four corners surrounding the motherboard.  Done?  Great.

Now you see the black piece of plastic on the right hand side which is like a cover for the expansion video card?  You need to gently pry the plastic pieces that hold it down, up, so that it comes off.

Once that is done, you’re about two steps closers to getting access to the LCD.

You will see that there is a big plastic piece surrounding the entire LCD.  This piece is one piece and comes off like so.  Again you’re going to use a flat tip screwdriver, gently pry up the plastic pieces that are holding it into place.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll have access to the LCD screen.  There are two screws one on each side, remove both and the LCD will come off; however, there are two plugs, one blue/white and one pink/white that plug into the inverter.  Remove those two gently again and then one more cable which connects to the rear of the LCD.  You need to remove that and the LCD will come right off.

I hope this helps you with your disassembly; however, putting it all back together is a bitch.  Especially trying to remember where the longer silver screws go.  I took as many pictures as I thought I needed with my digital camera but that still wasn’t enough.  What I will probably do and recommend you do too is that you take a piece of white paper, and as each screw comes out, mark it on the piece of paper (the height of the screw) so that you know if a long one came out of this area or if it was a short one and take a digital picture.

I hope this helps, if it does, feel free to leave a comment.

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