Microsoft Habu not so hot

It looks like reviews of Microsoft’s new gaming mouse, the Habu, are starting to pour through the crevices of Google News.  The majority of them are not so stellar.  There are also two user reviews up at  Both are not so great either.  The most common problem that people are reporting is the software not working properly or being too buggy.  This mouse was co-produced alongside Razer and from what I’ve been reading; Razer’s software releases for some reason or another have always been buggy.

The size and shape of the mouse seem to be okay.  The only thing *I* am truly worried about is the stiffness of the buttons.  There was one review that said the buttons cannot be pressed on accident.  I’m hoping that they’re not similar to the feel of the Laser Mouse 6000.  Those buttons are horrendous.  I don’t understand how some people like having to push or click so hard.  I prefer the style of the IME3.0 to any other mouse’s buttons.

With that said, I still think I’ll be purchasing a Habu and do a proper review; however, the price must go down a bit.  It’s still relatively expensive since it’s so new but once it drops a few bucks, you can be assured I will purchase one and do a review.