Japanese Industrial Screwdriver update III

Just an update about an update, I have been using the JIS screwdrivers that I was able to find online for almost two weeks now.  I just can’t stop and think that the screwdrivers I have don’t look like the ones my friend had.  I found out last night that there is another size #1 with a smaller shank diameter which is 1.0mm bigger than the #0 that I have.  So, I contacted the supplier of the screwdrivers and sure enough, they have them in stock.  I’ll be purchasing several of them and hopefully be receiving them sometime next week or the next.

I also wanted to say I picked up another set of the same exact ones I purchased but for home use.  I like to have two sets as I don’t bring my tools home and then back to work everyday as that is very time consuming for me.