I should be 1) receiving my screwdrivers today and 2) hopefully take my camera into work and get started with the documenting of my fixes that I perform mainly on laptops.  I don’t think I’ve got any laptops torn apart… wait yes I do, it’s an HP I believe a ZD or DV2000.  I’m changing out the heatsink’s fan and it’s currently in pieces.  I guess I could take pics of that today and put it up for those who may be wanting to figure out how to disassemble the laptop… the thing is, HP readily gives access to this type of information on their website.  All you do is go to hp.com and do a search based upon the part number which reads P/N# on the bottom of the laptop which should be on a white sticker.  However, for older model laptops, like those made back with Windows 98, ME or 2000, you may have to do a general search based upon the model # of the actual laptop which appears somewhere above the keyboard.

Sony, however, does not offer any type of actual service manual and the ones I’ve been able to find be it purchasing it off eBay or finding it online floating around, sucks, plain and simple.  I mean the diagram on how to disassemble the damn thing is so complex that I have no clue how anyone can understand or comprehend how to read it.  I’ll upload the .pdf here or take a screen shot of just how bad it is.

For the rest of the laptops, I’m not sure but I haven’t come across anything from Toshiba either.  I can usually go to dell.com and find service manuals there as well as hp.com and compaq.com.  The rest, I just freestyle it and start removing screw after screw and when something doesn’t budge, figure out what is holding it together and go from there.  Like I said though I really want to start documenting the disassemblying of laptops.

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