Japanese Industrial Standard Screwdrivers

Anyone heard of Japanese Industrial Standard screwdrivers?  Basically they look exactly like a regular Phillips screwdriver but it fits much better into JIS screws.  If you’ve came across Japanese parts that were manufactured by say Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc, you may have noticed that your #00, #0 or even your #1 did not fit quite right and may have slightly cammed or stripped the screw.

Let me tell you how I started on my quest to find out about one particular screwdriver and how it leads to my understanding of the JIS standard.

I work as a PC Tech and I had a co-worker who had this “Toshiba” branded screwdriver which was given to him by someone at his previous employer.  He fixed printers and computers at Comp USA and was certified from Toshiba.  I guess it was just a little gift that was given to him but this screwdriver he had fit ANY and all screws we came across in the shop.  This screwdriver, if I had to guess the size, was either a #1 or a #0.  He and I both were dumbfounded as to where we could find one just like it.  That is when I started to search the net and found out about JIS.

I first learned that supposedly Snap-On screwdrivers are made to the JIS standard.  I bought a #1 size and it fits a lot of the screws for the most part, and here are a few pics of the Snap-On screwdriver.

Supposedly the JIS Phillips screwdrivers have a flatter point than regular Phillips screwdrivers.  This is kind of where I got confused.  I went out and bought another size Snap-On, size #0 and this screwdriver does not fit a lot of the screws that I come across.  I don’t have any pictures but can take some later and post them on this post.

A few months into my research I found out about a company called Vessel which is located out of Japan.  I found a vendor who sells their products in the USA.  I recently (two days ago) purchased an entire set ranging from #00 to #2 sized Phillips (JIS) screwdrivers.  I should be receiving them in two days.  I will have pictures up to show you what a “JIS” standard screwdriver looks like.

Japanese Industrial Standard screwdriver

I could not find much information about JIS and about what the differences are between Phillips and JIS standard other than a flat tip on the JIS screwdrivers which lead to better contact with the cross faced screw.  I hope that this will help you out with your research if you are ever trying to find out about different types of screwdrivers.

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