Sony PCV-RX752 display driver problem

Problems installing the video driver for a Sony PCV-RX752?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  I installed a new PSU and had to do a clean install of Windows for a client.  I installed Windows using an OEM disc and the client’s CD-Key.  Therefore, I was left to find the drivers individually by going to the website.  I put in the information and got whatever drivers that were available.  I attempted to install the display driver but each and every attempt it kept saying that this is the first time you are installing this and it has not been installed before.  After several attempts and several searches on Google I finally found something over at Experts-Exchange.

Download this file and use this to install the display driver for your Sony PCV-RX752.  It is not widely known that there is a problem with the driver on the Sony website or not many people have this computer.  But I hope that this post will help you fix your computer that much quicker.

Just wanted to post an update but I camea cross a V Premier desktop which had a SiS 650 chipset and for some odd reason or another the video driver that I had would not install and produced the same problem with the Sony which was that it says it could not start the device.  I tried this driver that I have here for download and sure enough it worked.  So I’m guessing any SiS 650 chipset computer should be compatible with this driver set.

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