Instant messenger programs (Windows Live Messenger 8.1, AIM 6.0)

Ever since I rebuilt my computer I hadn’t installed AIM or Microsoft Live Messenger. I finally got around to reinstalling both IM programs. To my surprise, both have changed quite a bit.

I downloaded and installed the beta version of AIM 6.0. This is the newest available beta in comparison with AIM Triton 1.5. I guess they dropped the Triton name entirely and went back to just AIM + version number. I have to say A LOT of bugs seem to have been corrupted. Almost all of the beta versions that I tried of Triton and the previous AIM 6.0, have been extremely plagued with numerous little bugs that easily annoy me. One of the major gripes I have with AIM and AIM accounts in general is that you can’t change your password using the AIM software. You have to log in through the website in which you have to also have access to your original account (e-mail) in which you used to sign up for your AIM user name. Not everyone has access to that since a lot of people discontinue using their e-mails and often times can never get that e-mail back. I think this is a huge headache and a problem that hasn’t been addressed. I’m not sure why they even implemented this but it stinks.

On to Windows Live Messenger version 8.1 beta, this guy has subtle if any improvements over its predecessor. I don’t really notice any big differences and the prior build, 8.0, was very good to me. I rarely had any problems with it except for a few times where I had the hardest time trying to sign onto my user name.