Sony desktop w/new hard drive; unable to do system recovery

I’m attempting to install Windows using the client’s recovery disks onto a new 250GB hard drive that the client provided.  My first attempt ended up with the recovery program hanging at the creating partition portion.  I then decided to remove the drive, put it into my computer, create an NTFS partition and format it.  After doing that, I put it back in and attempted to do the recovery one more time.  This time I was given the choice of doing just the C: drive or doing a custom recovery.  I decided for the former.  It goes all the way through, asking me for CDs 1-3 and then at the very end once it’s done, it tells me to press any key etc to reboot.  Once it reboots itself it comes to a black screen with the words PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT at the top of the screen.

I’m at a lost right now so I’m just posting this up for anyone who may search for the terms through Google.  The only other way that I was able to fix this before was to reinstall Windows (using an OEM copy) and then going ahead with the system recovery.  I’m going to do that tomorrow and I’ll post back how it turned out.