Seasonic M12 series power supplies now in stock

Seasonic has released their long awaited modular power supplies in 500, 600 and 700 increments, respectively.  Those things are beasts.  I’ve seen one review but it was taken down; however scouring many forums, I’ve seen nothing to indicate that these are less than stellar power supplies.  These things are I believe direct replacements for the S12 line, the only difference mainly being efficiency as well as the cables being modular.

I hear if you have a local Frys in your town to check them out first as they have the 700W PSU for a little under $200.  Newegg is selling the 700 version for $209.99 as of 10/3/06.

IIRC, the new Corsair power supplies which are modular are actually re-badge Seasonic PSUs.  If I happen to come across a review or two I’ll definitely post it here.