New Canon digital cameras, SD800 and SD900

Canon announced new cameras for their PowerShot line, the models are the SD800 and the SD900.  Just when I was thinking about buying the SD700 which has dropped in price significantly (now I can see why), they go and release the SD800 and the SD900. 

Apparently the SD900 will feature Digic III as well as 10 megapixels.  This item should be available for sale on October 2nd, 2006, according to  The starting price is $499.99.  IIRC that was the exact price the SD700 started out at and now it’s dropped a few hundred dollars.  If only DSLRs dropped in price like that so quickly.  Anyway, the SD900 will have 3x optical zoom, a 2.5” LCD display and a titanium body with curves similar to that of the rest of the SD series of cameras.  ISO options will be from 80 up to 1600.  And last but not least, this camera will support Secure Digital cards larger than 2GB.

The SD800 will be a 7.1MP digital camera, with image stabilization as well as the same support for larger capacity Secure Digital cards.  The SD800 will retailer for $399.99, a hundred less than the SD900.  You shave off a few MP and call it a day, I guess.

I’m torn now, it’s like I want to have thee camera, the best one that is available and I thought that it would be the SD700.  Now it’s being basically trumped by these new guys.  Choices and decisions await me.  However, I hope that once these two cams are released, the price of the SD700 is driven down even more.

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