Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 re-release review

Last month it was made known that Microsoft was re-releasing their flagship gaming mouse, the Intellimouse Explorer 3.0. I had my eyes set on buying this dang mouse because of how good the older models performed and felt in my hand. I have a x08 model from a few years ago that I still use at work.

I had my eyes set on several stores that usually carry this type of product. I also realized that as of September 21, 2006, that was supposed to be the release date of the IME3.0. I searched and scoured and to no avail, I found no retailers or even online stores that had this mouse in stock.

My luck changed on Monday. For some strange reason I went over to and typed in Intellimouse Explorer 3.0. Sure enough, there it was, the black version, and it was for sale. If you attempt to search for this mouse as of today, 9/28/06, the mouse is set back to pre-order only. For some strange reason, reasons unknown to me, I was able to order four of these mice. I was extremely surprised to find out the next day that the status had been set to pre-order only. I was thinking oh man, they messed up and that I would not receive my mice for another couple of days/weeks.
That was until I received a confirmation that my order had shipped! Sure enough, two days later, I have four of these bad-boys in my hands as I type this. I bought four because who knows if or when Microsoft will pull this line again. They were stupid enough to do it once, I’m sure they’ll do it again. This time though, I’ll be sure to stock up a whole bunch.

The ergonomics and feel of the mice is unchanged. It feels exactly like how I expected it to feel and the same way my other IME3.0 at work feels. The color is black, the feet is now Teflon, those are about the only two major changes to the mouse. I feel that this was a great step. I’m glad they didn’t try to move side buttons more up like the Laser 6000 mouse. They did not screw up this time. They got something right!

So if you’ve been searching for an IME3.0 for some time and been scouring eBay looking to pay up to $100 shipped for another IME3.0, fear no more. I know for a fact has them in stock and are shipping it and so are several other e-tailers. You should be able to find them in B&M stores within a week or two. I’ve heard October 4th as the date that it will be available at most B&M stores.
If you have any questions for me leave them in the comments, I’ll be sure to answer them.

IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0

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