Windows Firewall service cannot be enabled

I tried for several hours to try and get this unit’s Windows firewall to be enabled.  No matter what I tried, and I tried several fixes, nothing seemed to help or fix the issue at hand.  I tried the netsh winsock reset.  This did not fix the problem.  In fact I tried it several times.  I tried making sure certain registry entries were there, I tried resetting this and that, nothing worked.  I’m wondering where did I go wrong.  I can no longer spend exorbitant amounts of time on this type of problem as I’m the only tech available to work on a slew of jobs.  Therefore, I am pretty much forced to limit how much time I put towards a stubborn problem such as the one I encountered today.

I would love more than anything to have fixed it by researching and trying countless fixes but unfortunately, I can no longer stick to that regimen and I have to move forward.

Perhaps you, though, can help me.  If you figured out how to fix this damn problem, please feel free to contact me at randomfix AT  Thanks!