Internet Explorer 7 RC1 is pretty much the final build

After downloading and installing RC1, I found a few bugs, most notably the one where ClearType is disabled.  MS is claiming this is a feature yet when you visit their website,, the entire site is not in ClearType yet this is a feature.  Oh give me a break.

Anyway, how I know that RC1 is pretty much the final code?  I got this response for my feedback in Microsoft Connect: Feedback#: 185407.

Thanks for your feedback on IE7 Beta 3. We appreciate time spent on reporting this issue. Unfortunately at this level of development we are unable to make any changes as we have locked down the design of IE 7. The bug you entered will be considered for the subsequent releases of IE7.


-Filiz Kurban


You may receive a general “Feedback Item Updated” notification as well, if any other changes were made by Microsoft.

So it seems that for the most part, RC1 is going to be the final build.  I don’t think there will be anymore interim builds after RC1.   I think it will be RC1 and then possibly in October or November, the final build.  I’m not sure exactly what they’re working on in the mean time, possibly nothing but yet again, I don’t know, I’m not apart of that team.  But by the looks of what they said in regards to my bug and many others, I think it’s same to assume that they’re really not going to fix any of the other bugs that have been reported that had not cropped up prior to RC1.  I don’t even know why they made RC1 if they weren’t going to fix any of the new bugs that were found.  It’s kind of a moot point.  Oh well.  I just hope that with the bugs I threw up in Connect I’ve earned my chance at a bonafide beta tester and that when IE8 (yes IE8 is planned) comes around that they’ll give me an invite.  I’d be more than grateful to give IE8 a run for its money and test the crap out of it!