Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 released

On 8/24, Microsoft released their newest version of their upcoming browser, Internet Explorer 7.  So far, a lot of good bug fixes but a few things that broke over the course of beta 3 to RC1.

First and foremost, a bug that has plagued IE since IE6.  Basically putting any folder in your “Links” folder/toolbar and then trying to re-arrange those items in any order that you’d like, could never be done.  This was a bug since IE6.  I reported it back in beta 2 and then they claimed it was fixed in 3.  They apparently didn’t know what I was talking about or it wasn’t explained well enough.  Eventually after getting through to them on the IEBlog website, I was able to show them exactly what I meant and they did indeed fix this exact bug.

Second, the broken part.  I LOVE ClearType.  I have dual LCDs which run via DVI connections.  I do not use regular type any longer.  ClearType is a MUST.  It’s extremely easy on the eyes.  Anyway, all of my pages up until RC1 came out displayed in ClearType.  Upon installing RC1, I browsed a few sites and noticed that I would see plain text as opposed to the text being displayed in ClearType.  I was shocked.  I immediately went to the Microsoft Connect website to see if anyone had reported the new bug.  Sure enough one person had but it was slightly different than what I was experiencing.

So, I left this:  You will have to be subscribed to the Connect website via your Passport login in order to view that.  If you haven’t already and you are using RC1, then please sign up and be a part of the feedback for IE7 RC1 and any future revisions.  If you do read this and again are using IE7 RC1, if you don’t mind, would you please just validate my bug and then leave a comment regarding where you’re seeing this.

I can tell you exactly how to replicate the bug:

1.     Visit any website that is utilizing’s forum software.  If you visit a vBulletin based forum and click on “Quick Links” you should see a drop down box and a bunch of options for you to click on.  Those should all come out non-ClearType (if you have ClearType on).

2.    If you visit you will see that almost the entire page is not in ClearType but rather regular text.

So, if you have some time and can validate my findings, and you don’t mind reporting what you found via the link I left above, please do so.  Microsoft mainly looks at the bugs that everyone validates/votes for.  So if my bug gets a lot of votes then we can see progress and hopefully get this fixed.  If you have created a bug report and need me to validate it for you or to vote for your bug, please let me know via the comments section and I will do the same thing in return.