AMD vs Intel

It was hard to picture Intel taking back the performance crown with Conroe.  It’s difficult to stomach the countless threads that are being made on enthusiast forums all around the web.

I never thought AMD would be literally left in the dust.  Almost every single message board I go to, the majority of the topics that people are writing about tend to deal with the new Intel processor, Core 2 Duo.  Prior to this, I would always see AMD with a tad bit of Intel.  Nothing like this though.

It’s all about numbers, and who is better this time around.  Yes, it is indeed, Intel.  They have the better, faster, stronger, and less power consuming thus much less heat, processor.  Have I tried it personally?  No.  Have I recommend it personally?  Yes.  Will I build an C2D box in the future?  Most definitely.  I already have plans to build my wife’s cousin a C2D box within the next few months.

I mainly want to see nVidia come out with a top-notch motherboard such as the A8N32-SLI for the C2D processor.  I know there are a few Intel based chipset motherboards that are already sitting at the top of the hill but just because… I really like nVidia’s offerings.  Call me a fan boy, call me whatever you want, for some reason I just like nVidia.

Anyway, what is this stupid rant about?  Nothing really.  It’s just me writing about how surprised I am to see how many threads pop up on various online message boards about C2D.  It is simply amazing!

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