E1705 backlight bleeding issue

So I canceled my order for my E1705 after reading numerous posts over at notebookforums.com about backlight bleeding on the Samsung LCD screens that are shipping with all E1705s.  I was disappointed to find out that my new laptop would probably have severe backlight bleeding and that even though it is not always bothersome, it would be something I did not want to deal with.  I do not want to have to receive an LCD, install it, test it, find out it still has the bleeding, do the same thing over and over again.  There are many people at notebookforums.com who have already done this.  I feel that my time is just too invaluable to have to go through all of this while paying a company over $1000.00 for a piece of hardware.  This is just not acceptable.  If you happen to have stumbled upon my page due to searching Google for E1705 backlight bleeding, then you’ve come to the right page, I guess.  Leave a comment and a pic if possible of how badly your backlight bleeding is.

I was also informed that I should look into getting a smaller laptop because at 17″ it isn’t all that portable.  That got me thinking.  For a few hundred less, I can get the E1505.  My cousin just got this book and I did not notice any backlight bleeding or anything of that sort and was surprised at how fast the notebook was.  I think I may go this route.  I am not sure if I want to lug around a huge notebook all the time.  My primary use for this notebook will be taking it all over the place from work to being on the go.  It has to be at least some what comfortable for my wife and I to carry around.