Sprint Nextel new handsets using CDMA/iDEN

I just found out that Nextel plans to release new handsets which utilize CDMA for the telephone aspect of service and then iDEN for the PTT (Push-To-Talk) portion of the service.

I was over at HowardForums.com trying to find out if any new hansets were coming out.  The last major release was the Motorola i870 and the i930.  I myself have the i860 and my wife the i730.  We’re both looking to upgrade our phones but if there are new handsets that are just upon the horizon then we were going to wait.  However, that does not seem like that is the plan.  So, we may be upgrading to the Motorola i870 handset.

From what I understand the ic502 Sprint/Nextel handset is going to be geared towards the rugged handset market such as those who work in construction or various other professions which require a hefty handset which can take a beating.

The ic902 supposedly will be sporting a 2-megapixel camera as we as the capability to do the same thing as the i870, which is to play songs and record video.

From the looks of things, the ic502 should be arriving before the year’s end and then the 902 will probably make its debut in early 2007.