NFL Preseason starts today!

First game of the season, Indy vs St. Louis!  I can’t wait!  Game is going to be on Fox, live.  Even though the starters such as Peyton won’t be playing, I’m still happy that the NFL is back on TV.  It seems so damn long from the Pro Bowl up until preseason when they restart that it’s a blessing to have them back on TV.  I’m hoping for Indy to take it this year although if Big Ben one of my other favorites, is healthy, I think they have another chance for a repeat.  However, things are mixed up big time this year.  The rookie class is just phenominal to say the least.  Who will flop?  Vince Young?  Reggie Bush?  Leinart?  I just read Leinart hasn’t even come to terms with his contract with Arizona yet.  That sucks!  I guess he’s really holding out for some big bucks.  Well guys and girls, NFL is back!!!