WordPress theme-editor display not in alpha order

I have an issue.  After my site got transferred to a new server I had to upload my WordPress files again.  After doing that, when I go into Presentation and then theme-editor, the list of files, such as Stylesheet, Header, Footer, etc. are all out of order.  When I say out of order I mean they were in an entirely different order on ALL of my other WordPress sites.  I can’t figure out how or why this happend.  I’ve scoured the net and all of Google to only find a select few who have encountered the same problem.  It seems to be a rare case and or nobody really cares what order the items are listed in.  Myself, I’m picky and when I get accustomed to something, I get used to it.  So, I’m in a search right now to try and find out how I can fix this problem.  For those of you who need a visual as to what the hell I’m talking about, check it out here.  I do apologize if the picture does not come up, I’m in the process of testing out a new host.  If all goes well over there, I will eventually move everything, including this site, over to the new host.

If any of you can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong or what I did to change the apperance, please contact me through the comments system.  I will pay you $20.00 USD Paypal for your help IF you can get my theme-editor to sort properly without adding any additional code to the template.  I know it has to be a setting or something because I had never touched the code prior to having to reinstall everything again.