US money going down the tubes

BERKLEY, Mich. — The parking fine was $10. But the comment Robert Militzer added to the check could land him in jail for 30 days.

This guy got fined $10.00 for a parking violation.  Guy writes out some obscene words on his check’s memo line.  Sends check in, gets a contempt of court charge added to his list of misdermeanors.

Now he has go to back into court to face the judge.  This is absolute bullshit!  You’re protected by your first fucking amendment of the US constitution.  I’m glad the ACLU are going to help him out with this.  Such frivolous things we are so occupied with these days.  I think we should focus on the war on Iraq.  People are getting blown the heck up and we’re worried about some guy writing bullshit on a check?  Where are our priorities at?