Microsoft Office 2003 User error message

If you receive a user error message saying that Office needs to be installed for this user and you’ve tried endlessly to uninstall and reinstall, you’ve come to the right place for a fix.

Check your virtual memory settings by going to Start, then right clicking on My Computer.  From there you will go down to Properties, left click on it and then click on the Advanced tab.  Next, you see the Performance area at the very top?  Click on the Settings button.  Now go ahead and click on the Advanced tab.  At the very bottom you will see the Virtual memory option area.  Click on Change.  You now see at the very bottom where it reads: Total paging file size for all drives?  You see where it says recommended?  You see where it says Currently allocated?  If your two numbers there are WAY off, way off being anything over a few numbers etc, Recommend: 512 and your Currently allocated is at 2034 MB, then that is more than likely what is causing your problem.  In the middle area where you see the “Set” button, make sure the “System managed size” radio button is selected.  Once you’re done doing that, click on Set.  You’ll now have to restart your computer.  Try opening Office and see if you still receive that error.  If you do, mess with the settings again but I’m almost certain you should not see that error any more.