AMD purchases ATi

Since late last week it had been rumored that AMD had agreed to buy ATi for 5.4 billion.  Throughout the weekend a lot of speculation has been going on and it seems that AMD has said they plan to make a significant announcement on Monday.  What that means?  Oh, let’s just say that they probably purchased ATi and that they now have something to fall back on if Intel creams with Conroe and if they fail with their future endeavors.  It’s a big announcement and a huge partnership.  I truly would rather have seen AMD go with nVidia but if I’m not mistaken, nVidia wasn’t looking to be bought out and or their price point was way too high.  I hope that this isn’t the beginning of the end for AMD.  I mean yes, they’re purchasing a company and how could that possibly be their demise?  But hey, who knows, you never know.  What if nVidia decides to partner with Intel?  Then what?  I mean hey, it could happen.  The future will surely get much more interesting, that’s for damn sure.