World Fighting Alliance: King of the Streets review

WFA: King of the Streets review

As you may or may not have known, the WFA stands for the World Fighting Alliance and they have actually been around for a while.  John Lewis, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt used to run the show a few years back.  From what I understand, the show eventually went bankrupt.  With the recent success of the UFC, someone saw an opportunity to capitalize on this new sport.

The WFA had a very big budget for this show.  When I say big, I mean big.  If you follow MMA you’ll know what I mean.  For example, Rampage vs Matt Lindland, these two guys alone, these two guys are in the top five in each of their respective weight classes.  These guys could headline both UFC and PrideFC PPVs.  Besides that, Ivan Sallavery, Ricco Rodriguez, Mayhem, as well as Lyoto Machida and Vernon White.  Those are ALL big time names.  Not a can mentioned.  Kimo would have also been on the card had he not tested positive for a banned illegal substance in his system.

Anyway, on to the results.

Rob McCullough def. Harris Sarmiento via unanimous decision

For the most part, Rob took control of this fight with some nasty leg kicks.  They were both very cautious of each other and nobody really took the initiative besides Rob’s nasty leg kicks.  In the end, Rob being the aggressor with the leg kicks won him this bout.

Ricco Rodriguez def. Ron Waterman via doctor’s stoppage.

Ricco dismantled Ron from start to finish with some nice crisp standup.  He broke Ron down shot by shot and won the fight via a doctor’s stoppage.  One of Ron’s eyes had shut closed due to Ricco’s punches.  The doctors said no go and the ref stopped the fight.  Had this fight gone the distance, I’m not sure if Ricco’s stamina would have been able to help him.  Ricco came in weighing 298lbs for this fight.  He has gotten very big during his off time.  Let’s just hope that this improved Ricco will keep showing up in the future.

Ivan Sallavery def. Art Santore via TKO of rd. 2.

Ivan kicked his way to a TKO victory in round number 2.

Jason Mayhem Miller def. Ludane Sincaid via RNC in rd. 1.

Mayhem made his way to the ring in his normal fashion, coming in with a weird break dancer and Josh Barnett was his corner man.  Mayhem showed his superior ground game, once again, defeating the Ultimate Fighter TV show veteran via RNC in rd. 1.

Lyoto Machida def. Vernon Tiger White via unanimous decision.

Machida, who is the only guy to knock out UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin made his USA debut tonight.  He fought none other than Lion’s Den fighter, Vernon Tiger White.  Both of these guys came to throw down and that they did.  For the most part, Machida landed many punches and kicks but never really did much damage other than stunning Vernon.  If you know Vernon, you know that he hung tight with UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.  Chuck gave Vernon his all and could not stop him until the very end.  Lyoto tried to do the same but could only come away with a judge’s decision.  I definitely want to see more of Machida though.  He’s an up and coming fighter with a lot of talent.

Bas Rutten def. Ruben Villareal via TKO by way of leg kicks.

Bas landed some nice straight punches to Ruben’s head and that had zero affect on Warpath.  He took those punches and kept coming and coming and coming.  Bas realized that Ruben obviously had a chin and that it wasn’t going to be easy to knock him out.  So, he took the next logical step, he chopped the big man down.  Kick by kick, he eventually devastated Ruben’s knee so bad that Ruben dropped to the ground wincing in pain and the referee called it quits.  Nice come back for Bas.  I would have loved to seen him do exactly what he did to Warpath to Kimo.  Too bad Kimo tested positive for steroids lol.

Quinton Rampage Jackson def. Matt The Law Lindland via split decision.

Fight went back and forth many times.  Rampage slammed Matt twice, with the second time being inches away from ending the fight.  Matt countered back and slammed Rampage with little ease due to his wrestling background.  Matt imposed his will for most of the fight via wrestling.  Rampage tried his hardest to stay out of the clinch, which you could clearly hear his corner telling him to do, but sustained a much needed victory tonight.

I don’t know if that was a fair victory.  I honestly thought Matt was going to come away with the decision.  Both fighters gave it their all and Matt was FAR from boring.  Even with this loss, it was at 205 and I still think Matt deserves his shot against Rich Franklin.  I think Matt is the only guy who can give Rich a run for his money right now.

All in all, the production of this show reminded me very much of UFC’s 1-5.  Very piss poor production with commentators who didn’t know much about what the hell was going on.  They need to fire Goldberg (Bill the wrestler) and hire someone else.  Even Quadros was a little disappointing to listen to.  UFC and Pride’s PPVs are fifty times better than the WFAs.  If they really want to have any market share of this niche, they’re going to have to do much better than they did tonight.  They can’t win viewers just by the fighters they bring in alone.  They need to make sure that their production which millions are viewing world wide is in tip top shape as well.

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