Yahoo! interested in selling DRM-free MP3s

I was browsing over at DailyTech, one of my daily favorite sites to visit and was surprised to see that Yahoo! is going to be offering pay-per-download DRM-free MP3s.

For those who may not know what DRM is, in a nutcase it stands for Digital Rights Management.  It has a layer of a type of “security” per se in order to keep it in your possession and so that you do not trade it or give it away to your friends for free.  Just like with iTunes, if you try to take your music and put it onto another computer without properly authorizing it they would not be able to listen to it without the proper credentials.

This is obviously going to have big opposition from the RIAA.  They’re the ones who are the prominent opponent against anything DRM-free.  They have their reasons but at the same time, they often go overboard on why they are against DRM-free music.

The only thing I am thinking is how long this thing will last?  Also I wonder if they [Yahoo!] don’t plan to sell mainstream music lol.  Perhaps that’s how they’ll get by the RIAA breathing down their neck?

What a coincidence

Check out this Ars Technia article about Digital Rights Mangement.  It delves into the details of the nitty gritty.  Great article.