Importing your RSS feeds into Outlook 2007 from IE7

I corrupted my .pst file the other day.  In doing so, I was forced to create a new .pst file.  Thus, I lost all of my e-mails and all of my RSS feeds.  I wasn’t about to delete all RSS feeds from IE7 then resubscribe to all of the feeds again.

I found out how to get all your feeds out and then back in to Outlook 2007.  First you have to export your feeds from IE7 by going to File, then Import/Export.  Then click on feeds.  You’ll be prompted to save a .opml file.  Save it to wherever is good for you.

Next, open up Outlook 2007.  Right click on the RSS folder.  Select Import opml file.  Find your .opml file, select all, import.  You’re done.  Hope this helps.