Jansport Odyssey backpack

So like I mentioned to you guys, I ordered the Jansport Odyssey.  I received it last night but it wasn’t the same bag I actually placed an order for.  It is almost the same bag except for one key piece that throws the entire color scheme of the bag off course.  Now I normally don’t care for these kinds of things but if the website I ordered it from had choosen to display some type of disclaimer like, “The bag you see pictured may not be the one we send you”, it would have been of a lot of help as I would have never ordered the bag in the first place.

I know some of you are going to think to yourself, are you serious?  You’re upset over that?  But it’s the principle of the matter, nothing else.  And here I present you with what I received, and what I placed an order for:

As you can see, pictured above, the bag on the right is what I received. The bag on the left, with the entirely dark grey scheme is what I placed an order for. I’m in talks with their support to see what can be done and if this problem can be fixed. If not, I will be getting my money back and hopefully some type of compensation.