Cheating or plan on cheating on your spouse? Think again, OWNED!

This lady supposedly found out her husband is cheating on her.  This is a direct link to her blog. 


From reading the blog from start to finish, I have my suspicions on whether or not this is a real story.  If it is, she basically owned her soon to be ex-husband.  The story goes like this, her brother works close to her husband.  Brother saw some things that would indicate that husband is not being faithful.  Brother hires PI to investigate.  Brother’s suspicions are confirmed: husband is cheating with wife’s best friend.  Ouch.

Wife is in pain, obviously, very upset and world turned upside down.  Wife plots ways to get back at husband.  Wife gets back, big time.  I mean IF this is real, she basically owned her husband a thousand times over.  I mean it is just RIDICULOUS in an insane sort of way.  Take a look at this picture.

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