AMD price cuts: coming soon

According to this nice article over at DailyTech, it seems that the AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ will be cut to around $150.00.  Now that doesn’t mean it will retail for that price but I am sure hoping so.

In order to keep up with Intel and Intel’s new offering, Conroe aka Core Duo 2, AMD really has to step up the game with reducing the price of their processors to make it appeal more to those who are considering building a new Intel system.  I can honestly say, from the reviews and reading multiple forums, it seems like Intel should be ahead for the next few months while AMD readies their K8L architecture.

In the mean time, Intel should have the lead due to their new performance king, Core Duo 2.  With that in mind, obviously, if a 3800 X2 can be cut in half, $300.00-$150.00 = $150.00 then AMD will still be able to keep at least some of the performance crowd.  Only time will tell though.  I will certainly be keeping my eyes on the price cuts which should happen on or around July 24th.