KVM Update: GCS634U and flakey keyboard

So upon returning to work this morning I hooked up an HP computer that had an AMD processor and a VIA chipset for the motherboard.  My keyboard strokes started to become very flakey when this one unit was connected to the KVM.  It happend to my personal box and the VIA chipset box.  What would happen is that I’d type and out of no where, one particular key would act stuck and repeat itself.  This didn’t happen at ALL on Friday when I tested this KVM and I used it for an entire day with two units connected and not once did I see this happen.  This happend quite frequently and I came to the conclusion that it was indeed the HP computer that was causing this problem.

I even tried using a USB hub but it still continued.  I am going to be buying a powered USB hub to see if it will fix this problem.  While typing this entire message not once did it repeat a keystroke but if I would have had the HP computer connected, it would have happend at least once or twice already.  It is a major PITA and I hope I can help you by letting you know that if you do encounter a problem like this, it’s likely related to a computer connected to your KVM switch.