Crucial Ballistix PC3200 512MB dying every few months!!!

I have 2x512MB Crucial Ballistix PC3200 memory in my current rig.  I do not overclock, everything is stock.  Not only that but I have a huge Ultra Panaflo fan blowing constantly over both DIMMs.  They’re both very cool to touch, it’s a tad bit warm but nothing like without having some type of active cooling.

Every few months I start to experience lock ups, blue screens and random corruption of downloads.  You may be thinking that it’s due to the nVidia nForce 4 onboard NIC but I don’t even use the onboard NIC anymore.  My cable modem connects to my computer via USB.  So I am not even using either NICs on the motherboard.  That rules out the theory of the bad nVidia NIC.  They’re also both disabled in the BIOS.

I am extremely upset with Crucial.  I mean they’re an awesome brand and I honestly don’t buy any other memory except for Crucial.  But having to RMA two sticks of memory every few months is becoming a PITA.  You may have read about the Crucial Ballistix PC4000 2x1GB or the 1GB sticks failing consistently like this but not the 512MB sticks!

I’m going to be picking up a Seasonic S12-600W PSU this coming week.  I hope this will clear up some of my problems as well.  I currently have a piece of shit Antec PSU.  DO NOT BUY ANTEC PSUS!!!!!!!!!!!!  They’re all CRAP!  Crap internal parts.  Seasonic all the way, for the win, can’t be beat.  Even though the price is a tad bit high, it’s worth in it so many ways.  I also read that PC Power and Cooling rebadge Seasonic units for some of their PSUs!!!!  Well, I’ll keep everyone update, this is definately time consuming and a PITA especially for my home box.  I do this all day at work and have to come home to do the same thing lol.  Oh well, that’s life.